Goat Meat

goats at Napanee farm

Our goats have plenty of space and sunshine while they are growing. They’re all well cared for while they are here. We have our goats processed for meat at a professional abbatoir, and sell various cuts by the pound. We hope to have goat milk in the near future too.

Prices vary based on cut, but costs start at around $8/lb for ground goat meat.

We’re happy to arrange for delivery in Napanee or Kingston.
Of course, if you’re in the Hay Bay area, you can always just stop by the farm yourself.


Drop us a message to arrange!

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Terri is one third of the Red Pump Farm family, responsible for all the technical stuff and feeding the goats. She's been known to harvest a bean or two when the need arises. She spends time in both Napanee and Kingston, though prefers hanging around on the porch.