All About the Farm

Red Pump Farm is just a little family-owned spot that is south of Napanee, near the lovely Hay Bay. Currently, our population is 3 people, 13 goats and 30+ chickens. We’ve been living in this 100-year-old farmhouse for around 5 years now, fixing things up, expanding our garden space and adding more animals along the way.

Sitting on nearly 8 acres of land, we’re growing a whole mix of vegetables, herbs, and fruit to go along with our constant supply of big brown eggs.

Right now, we’re selling our products on an individual delivery bases, where our network of customers just lets us know what they want, and we arrange to deliver in Napanee or Kingston. Some of our produce will be available at Sigrid’s Natural Foods and the Napanee farmer’s market as well.

About Terri 6 Articles
Terri is one third of the Red Pump Farm family, responsible for all the technical stuff and feeding the goats. She's been known to harvest a bean or two when the need arises. She spends time in both Napanee and Kingston, though prefers hanging around on the porch.